1. General Rules
1.1. Usage Agreement

This Terms of Use Agreement or Usage Agreement (hereafter, simply “Agreement”) constitutes a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“User” or “you”) and us, concerning your access to and use of the Service.


If you wish to download the data made available by us, you need to apply for a User Account and register the required information (“Application”). The information you (the “Applicant”) provide shall be truthful and accurate. After we examine an Application, we will notify the Applicant of the approval by sending a confirmation link via email. Such notification also means that both parties (you and us) have entered into the Agreement.


1.2. Language

Unless otherwise permitted by us, the language used by us when providing the Service will be Japanese or English. The same will apply to the Application and the handling after termination or expiration of the Usage Agreement regarding the Service.

1.3. Notices and Reports
  1. Notices and reports from us to the User will be made by a method we deem appropriate, such as by sending an email to the email address the User provided when making the Application or by posting on the Website. Unless otherwise permitted by us, the language used in the notices and reports will be Japanese or English. The User must prepare at its expense and responsibility an environment that can correctly receive and view emails written in Japanese as well as in English and an environment that can correctly display the contents of the Website.
  2. If we give a notice or a report by sending an email or by posting on the Website, such notice or report shall be considered to have been made on the day that such transmission, or the processing that is necessary for enabling the transmission, was completed.
  3. In the event we give a notice or report to the User by a method described in clause 1.3.1, even if such notice or report does not arrive at the User or if the language of the email or of the Website cannot be correctly displayed, we will not bear any responsibility for damages that arise as a result of such non-arrival or the inability to be correctly displayed.
  4. The language that can be used if the User makes a claim, notice, inquiry or other communication to us (the “Communications”) will be Japanese or English only, regardless of the method used for such Communications (including, but not limited to, email, mail, facsimile and telephone), and if another language is used in the Communications, such Communications will be deemed to have not been made.
1.4. Amendment of Terms

We may revise these Terms from time to time in its sole discretion and without notice. A revised version of these Terms will be posted on the Website each time changes are deemed necessary. By continuing to access to or use the Service after the revised Terms have been posted, the User agrees to be bound by them.

2. About the Service
2.1. Details of the Service

The Service is an online open-access climate data portal that provides post-processed climate model outputs and other information (“Data”) as well as limited means to access such Data. In accordance with the Agreement that is bound by these Terms, the User is authorized to:

  1. Use the Data for personal work, including supporting commercial activities as long as the content of the Data, in total or partially, is not made available to others; and
  2. Publish work results based on the Service with the citation of the source in any publication or presentation as “Post-processed climate model outputs provided by Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. available at nk-climvault.com (YEAR)”, YEAR being the year of acquisition of the data.

The information posted and made available by us in the Website as well as the Service is the result of several computational post-processes that use data from third parties including:

2.2. User Account

You need a User Account to download the files made available by us on the Website as part of the Service. We grant you a free license for the use of the data that we have made available for download on the Website only after you have agreed to these Terms.

2.3. Termination by the User

The Agreement shall remain in full force and effect while you use the Service or are otherwise the holder of a User Account. You may terminate the Usage Agreement at any time, for any reason, by contacting us using the contact information posted below. The termination becomes effective when we notify you. Furthermore, if there are liabilities owed to us, the User shall immediately address all the corresponding settlements.

3. Terms of Using the Service
3.1. Terms of Downloading the Data
  1. Regarding the Data, that we generated by post-processing the Data of Third Parties, used or downloaded by the User from the Website, if the original provider of the climate Data has set forth conditions regarding the use of such Data (hereafter, “Superior Agreements”) (including, but not limited to the contents in the links below), regardless of whether it is referred to as terms and conditions, license or another, the User bears the obligation to confirm and comply with the Superior Agreements when using the Service, and the contents of such Superior Agreements will apply to the Service.
    The "terms of use" and "acknowledgement" statements of the ESGF data portals.
    Furthermore, the User shall bear responsibility due to the User having breached the Superior Agreements regarding the use of the Data, and the User shall compensate the damages incurred by us due to such breach.
  2. When downloading the Data (made available by us) from the Downloads Page or viewing the graphs that appear on the Atlas of the Website, you should be aware of the following conditions regarding the nature of the Data and Service:
    The modeling centers, which are listed here and here, have not checked or approved of the Data being distributed;
    When you use or access to the Service, you are viewing and/or downloading post-processed Data that used the output of several different numerical models ran under different future scenarios associated to representative paths of greenhouse gases atmospheric concentrations (details can be found in our Methods Section). Therefore, making decisions related to the adaptation to climate change impacts should be based on a robust analysis that considers as many as possible models/scenarios that correspond to the same time-period and location;
    The bias-correction method that was utilized to post-process the Data might yield different results than those that could be obtained using a different method. Each bias-correction method has different characteristics because they were designed to correct different aspects of the variables. Therefore, it is difficult to say that one method is better than the others.
    You should be aware that the climate models have different horizontal resolutions. The Data shown in our Atlas corresponds to climate model outputs that were bias-corrected at the same horizontal resolution of the W5E5 dataset (0.5 degrees). The Data that can be downloaded in the Downloads Page corresponds to climate model outputs at the same horizontal resolution of the W5E5 dataset (0.5 degrees);
    You should be aware that even though the outputs of the climate models participating in the CMIP cycles can be daily time series of meteorological variables that describe the atmosphere, these do not represent weather forecasts, and therefore should not be considered as such.
  3. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, if there are provisions in these Terms and the Superior Agreements regarding the use of the Data, that are inconsistent or in conflict, the provisions of the Superior Agreements shall prevail.
3.2. Maintenance and Management of Information

The User shall properly manage at its responsibility his User Account and password, and other information, equipment, software and systems that require maintenance and management by the User regarding the Service, and shall bear all responsibility for the results arising due to such management (including results arising due to disclosing or divulging his User Account or password, or such User Account or password being inferred by a third party).

3.3. Use by a Third Party
  1. The User may not have anyone other than itself use all or a part of the Service (including, but not limited to, directly or indirectly loaning or issuing the User Account, password or other information, letting them use the Service, or letting them use services that incorporate the Service), whether for a charge or for free.
  2. If the User created secondary deliverables by using the Service or any data available on the Website (“Secondary Deliverables”), the User may have a third person (the “End User”) use for free the Secondary Deliverables. In such instance, the User must display the rights under clause 2.1(ii) and the Superior Agreements (defined in clause 3.1.1) on the Secondary Deliverables. In addition, the User shall bear the obligation to have the End User comply with these Terms and the Superior Agreements.
3.4. Prohibitted Matters

When using the Service, the User may not engage in any of the below acts:

  1. Infringe the intellectual property rights (whether in or outside of Japan), such as copyrights, trademark rights and patent rights, whether they are ours or those of a third party, or an act that has the likelihood thereof;
  2. Alter or clear information that can be used by the Service;
  3. Cause an interference to the use or operation of our facilities, the Server Facilities, or the Telecommunications Facilities, or of those of a third party, or an act that has the likelihood thereof;
  4. Use the Service in a manner that causes an interference to the communications of a third party, or an act that has the likelihood thereof;
  5. Interfere with our provision of the Service, or has the likelihood thereof;
  6. Act that would significantly cause a nuisance to other Users or a third party, an act that would not be socially permitted, or an act that has the likelihood thereof;
  7. Contravene public order and morals, or an act that has the likelihood thereof;
  8. Violate the laws and regulations of Japan or the laws and regulations applicable to the User, or an act that has the likelihood thereof;
  9. Post a link, or promote the posting of a link, knowing that that act will fall under any of the preceding items;
  10. Distribute, sell, sublicense, incorporate products or services, or otherwise make the whole or part of the Service and/or Data available for the use by a third party for the purposes of generating any income or any other commercial purposes;
  11. Allow any other part of the Service to be combined with or incorporated into other site or software;
  12. Remove, alter, attempt to obstruct, or interfere or otherwise render ineffective any aspect of the Service, including the removal or avoidance of the security features, attributions or legal terms that are notified to users as part of accessing or using the Service; or
  13. An act that we otherwise determine to be inappropriate as the User of the Service.
3.5. Measures against Violations and similar misconducts

We may take any of the measures below solely or in combination of several against the User if we determine that the User has engaged in an act that corresponds to a prohibited matter set forth in clause 3.4 or elsewhere in these Terms, if a complaint or claim is made against us by another party regarding the User’s use of the Service and we determine it to be necessary, or if we otherwise determine it to be necessary regarding the operation of the Service:

  1. Demand to stop the act corresponding to a prohibited matter set forth in clause 3.4 or elsewhere in these Terms;
  2. Demand to conduct consultations with such other party for resolving the complaint or claim;
  3. Demand to remove information posted on the internet by using the Service (including information regarding the Secondary Deliverables; the same applies in the following item);
  4. Restrict the use of parts of the Service;
  5. Temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of the Service under the provisions of clause 4.1; and
  6. Terminate the Usage Agreement, the license defined under these Terms, and the User's Account defined under these Terms.
4. Suspension of Provision
  1. We may temporarily or permanently change or suspend the Service, with or without notice.
  2. If we change or suspend the provision of the Service under clause 4.1, we will not bear responsibility to compensate damages that each User incurs due to such change, suspension or otherwise, under the preceding clause.
5. No Warranty, Exclusion of Liability
  1. The information, materials and the Data on the Service are provided on an ‘as is’ basis and any of their use is at the User's sole risk. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, we shall not make any warranty (including, but not limited to, fitness for a particular purpose, validity of functions and effect, quality of service, safety against threats, merchantability, completeness, accuracy, identity or integrity of the reproduced or relocated data, non-infringement of third party rights, and normal provision of the Service), whether expressly or implicitly, regarding the provision of the Service to the User.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, we shall not bear responsibility, whether responsibility for default, responsibility for tort or other legal responsibility (including both of those in Japan and in a country outside of Japan), for compensating damages incurred by the User regarding the use of the Service (including, but not limited to, damages due to impossibility of using the Service, delay in the provision of the Service, damage to, loss of or theft or divulging by a third party of the User’s installed data, infection by a virus or malware, and the unauthorized access, cracking or misuse of a security hole by a third party).
  3. We shall not bear any responsibility to the User for any delay of performance or impossibility of performance of all or a part of the Service due to a natural disaster, war, riot, civil war, other force majeure, enactment or abolishment of a law or regulation of Japan or a country other than Japan, an order, disposition or demand by the Government Agencies, usage restriction of the internet, filtering or blocking of a part of the communications via the internet, labor dispute, transportation or communication lines or any other reason not attributable to us.
  4. Disputes that arise between a third party in Japan or a country other than Japan and us or the User due to the User’s use of the Service shall be resolved by such User at its responsibility and burden of expense, and we will not bear any responsibility.
6. Miscellaneous Provisions
6.1 Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains how we treat your personal information and protect your privacy when you use our Service. By using our Service, you agree that we can use such data in accordance with our privacy policy.

6.2 Governing Law

These Terms and the Usage Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Japan.

6.3 Resolution of Disputes
  1. If a dispute, question or matter that has not been decided arises regarding the Usage Agreement, we and the User shall resolve such matter upon consultation in good faith.
  2. If the User brings a case against us with respect to any dispute attributable to the Usage Agreement or relating to the Usage Agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance. If we bring a case against the User, we may do so with the Tokyo District Court, in addition to the courts having jurisdiction according to the respective laws of the User’s country. Instead of filing a suit with the courts, by our decision, such dispute can be resolved by arbitration conducted pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association in Tokyo, Japan, and the User agrees thereto. Such arbitration will be conducted by one (1) arbitrator appointed by us, and the language of the arbitration proceedings will be Japanese. The verdict of such arbitration will be binding on the User and us, regardless of the right to appeal.
Supplementary Provisions
  1. Commencement of Application:
    These Terms and Conditions have been enacted on, and will apply from, January 30th, 2020.

Last revision: April, 2023